receive it from the womb,
that gift of life, a child—
but don’t call it a child.
your whispers will only make it cry harder,
betraying what you’ve forgotten—
what comes next won’t be human.

the audacity of a child to be something new
in a world that’s done learning.

easier to detect,
to discipline,
than to understand.
thank god all we need is detection,
and discipline,
to detect them earlier
and discipline them earlier—
these vile creatures that act like truth exists.
and discipline,
and baptize them in Reason.
tragic, the death of a child doomed to hell
before it’s grasped the devices
of our Evolution,
that detect
and discipline
the sinners that write poems
instead of the Code
that detects and disciplines

have you heard a baby babble?
I listened once.
fucking nonsense.
children never knew a thing about life anyway—
let alone Evolution.