think I overthink—
tell me I think too much
about thinking and
tell me to see a local scientist if
thinking interferes with my “ability to live,” if
I’m unhappy.

say my words rationalize—
say I’m unhappy and
unhappiness is doing something wrong in
in a world where everything is right and
every right decision is
so easy to make, so easy to
just see someone about happiness because
they’ve heard about these cases
like mine, but
couldn’t explain it,
wouldn’t explain it as well as
the local scientists

Love, Life, God—
think less about love,
say less about life and
believe in god if it makes them easier to swallow in
these pills for loving and living in
For love and life make no sound and
if we live by unspoken rules we’ll
understand one another,
in silence.

And speaking of love,
you just need some Experience.

Stop overthinking life,
Stop rationalizing love,
(Shut the fuck up,)
I’m done with your words and
quite annoyed really,
when you speak of these things at me
instead of our local scientist
and how dare you
how dare you
try to tell me something you thought up
yourself, you cute little thing,
dangerously subjective,
and how dare you
how dare you
maintain your unhappiness around me about
our world and culture,
when you still haven’t met with
a local scientist
and how dare you
how dare you
try to influence
our culture and world behind
our backs, without
the peer review that
our irRational culture
cares so much for
and most of all, how dare you
how fucking dare you
tell me you’re happy, really happy
when you never met with a local scientist about
your unhappiness
because happiness like yours,
real happiness, is
unNatural and
looks awful to me like mania—
diseased happiness.

The last they tell and say is
if it’s unclear,
a good night’s rest and
everything will be
clearly unclear in the morning when
the sun rises—
And I hope it scares you because
it scares me too, to
write like this—
like this Culture of Science might be
wrong, again and still,
about everything.