how many ways are there to
stop reading a poem?
to tell a Poet they don’t understand
the ways of language the
way expression works
to say a poem sucks is silly because
it doesn’t look like a poem like
poems look, like their time is better spent learning to
to speak than learning to express
because they don’t know how to speak
like they should

how many reasons are there to
not care?
to keep your attention where you want it where
you wanted it before this rambler started
rambling at you,
your own father your own sister your own friend who has
illegitimate ideas illegitimate problems, problems
you’ve never heard of you don’t understand
not worth talking about and
nobody’s talking about
what they should

how many words are there for
words to hide your hatred, your
resistance to the Resistance that holds the
promises, the prodigies,
how many words to reject the Revolutionaries that reject
your revolution,
the minds that mind differently the
writers that write differently behind your paywalls,
behind your digital walls that keep prejudice out and
keep prejudice in, in
this brave new world that
tolerates the tolerated and hates the intolerable because
the intolerable don’t know how to tolerate
like they should

how many weapons are there?⁠—
economic, financial, political, legal, verbal, cultural, psychological, social, religious, spiritual, familial, medical, biological, educational, disciplinary, electrical, technological, digital, architectural, spatial, forceful, violent, brutal—
2 define the violence
regulate the activities
track the incriminated
photograph the suspects
develop the sensors
detect the anomalies
catch the criminals
execute the dissidents
discipline the deviants
disincentivize the creatives
pay the enforcers
bankrupt the artists
laugh at the try-ers
shame the outsiders
threaten the thinkers
investigate the journalists
cancel the influencers
distract the protestors
disband the protests
disband the movements
disband the families
govern the households
individualize the homes
design the spaces
riot-proof the spaces
maintain the order
monitor the disturbances
shutdown the power
slander the powerful
sue the slanderer
politicize the apolitical
digitize the medium
mediate the communications
organize the speakers
televise the ideologies
ignore the un-televised
hold the attention
teach the attentive
develop the leaders
maintain the dependence
centralize the knowledge
regulate the answers
typify the facts
typify the illnesses
categorize the symptoms
diagnose the diseased
reprimand the retarded
medicate the children
discipline the children
administrate the children
rationalize the children
moralize the children
baptize the children
save the Saviors, the prodigies, the children,
the different?

i guess we’ll find out,
but it’s laughable, haha though, to wonder how,
to wonder how, though, hahahh, sorry can’t even speak haha, that
the powers the revolutionaries will catch will kill the
Revolutionaries this time, this time detect and
deccrypt, disentangle and disentangle this mess this
meaningless informatIOn that enocodes the promises for
the promised prodigies, the organized outsiders that
say nothing and undermine everything, a
sleeper cell that only takes a swtich, a call,
to ignite, to spread, to show the prodigies the promise of a
Poetic Revolutionary in a
Poetic Revolution.

the revolutionaries will kill
the Revolutionaries, this time, i wonder how
i’ll die, and if
they’ll go to h3aven